Smocked dresses : A passion at the crossing of cultures
The story of our dresses starts on the island of Madagascar, home country of the brand’s founder Monique Ramahay. Handmade by our team of talented embroiderers, each dress holds a touch of old world charm.
Madagascar - origin of our smocked dresses
The secrets of smocking; traditional art of embroidering geometrical or figurative shapes on top of tightly pleated panels of fabric, is preciously passed down from generation to generation in our atelier. This traditional craftsmanship was first imported by British missionaries and has today become part and parcel of the Madagascan heritage.
The art of smocking - a traditional craftmanship
Once smocked, our dresses then cross the ocean to reach our unique boutique located in the very heart of Paris. The capital’s beauty and elegance is a constant source of inspiration present in all our collections.
Paris handmade smocked dresses
But the journey is not over! To make the dreams of little girls all around the globe come true we created our online shop.
Shipped internationally, Charlotte Sy Dimby celebrates the magic and innocence of childhood worldwide.

Smocked dresses - handmade

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