The design process
Monique, our designer loves to talk about her passion and work. In this article she describes her design process.
Liberty fabric - handmade smocked dress
Everything starts with textile and its colours. To create I first need to be inspired by a fabric, I would even say I need to be physically attracted by it. A fabric has a taste, a smell, a texture, it must be pleasant to the eyes, the nose, the hands : all my senses must be seduced.
When I chose my fabrics I feel just like a child entering a huge candy store! It is a key part in my design process which I particularly enjoy. The mere sight of a bright pile of cotton poplin, a pretty print or a glowy organza can create an echo within me or revive buried memories.
Handmade party smocked dress
Once I fall in love with a fabric my imagination starts to whirl and design ideas start to flow: fabrics speak to me and very quickly become garments in my mind! I could almost draw them straight from the textile. For me the fabric is queen and my aim is to show in its best light through clothes creation.
After the fabric comes in the smocks and embroideries. Looking back, I think what first attracted me to this delicate and sophisticated know-how was the colour diversity.
Colour is my playing field: I am fascinated by the never ending opportunities it offers.
I love to mix and match them and come up with unexpected twists. This season I am crazy about coral, between red, orange and pink it brings such energy and joy.
To quote Oscar Wilde “mere color can speak to the soul in a thousand way”
Handmade smocked dress
I consider smocks and embroideries a bit like a painting, only with a needle! Actually the term needle painting exists to define the handmade of blending long and short stitches to create realistic pictures. More than a painting I would say an embroidery is a bas relief, not only are there unlimited colour possibilities but also an incredible number of stitches creating different textures.
Handmade smocking

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