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Our designer was born and grew up in Madagascar admiring the incredible work of the embroiderers and listening to ancient tales of their traditional craftsmanship. In love with her country, putting forward its national talent is a priority. Since the very beginning of the brand, in the good and the harder times, Monique has been working with the same loyal team of expert embroiderers. She has created her own atelier offering good working conditions and quality training for her staff. She has developed strong human relationships and bonds with her employees; they even offer her gifts on Mother’s day.

These ties have been made possible thanks to the deliberate choice of a small scale production. Taking the time to create limited editions of sophisticated garments, our team oversees the full production process from fibre to the final product. At Charlotte sy Dimby clothes creation is a handmade craftsmanship and must remain so.

Human and personal relations with our clients is also part of our values. We have made the choice of having a unique store in the heart of Paris to create intimate bonds with our fairies and best answer their dreams and wishes.

Online we strive to be as transparent as possible and are available to answer all questions by mail. Being trustworthy and authentic are among our key engagements.

Celebrating and valuying the beautiful blend of Madagascan expertise and French style is our mission!

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