Product image 1handmade-girl-dress-cerise-smocked-spring-summer-easter-yellow-girl-kidswear-classic-frenchstyle
Product image 2handmade-girl-dress-cerise-smocked-spring-summer-easter-yellow-girl-kidswear-classic-frenchstyle
Product image 4handmade-girl-dress-cerise-smocked-spring-summer-easter-yellow-girl-kidswear-classic-frenchstyle

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All our dresses are handmade in very limited edition with one per size only to make each child feel special and unique. For more information or inquiries please contact us at info@charlottesydimby.comAll our dresses are handmade in very limited edition with one per size only to make each child feel special and unique. For more information or inquiries please contact us at 



  • Beautifully handmade smocked dress 
  • Delicate floral print Peter Pan collar 
  • Puffed sleeves with floral print detailing
  • Matching fabric covered buttons fastening 
  • Butterfly wing sash at the back
  • Fully lined enabling the dress to twirl

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    A little word from the designer:

    “The smocks of this dress are most special. Inspired by the under dresses of the past century the pleating technique differs from that of regular smocks. A revisited design with a modern twist! A must have for Easter with its delicate yellow shade and sweet floral print collar!

    Composition: 100% cotton

    Shipping worldwide including to the United States USA - Free shipping in Europe - Dress available in our Parisian children’s boutique, L’Île aux Fées, 66 rue Notre Dame des Champs 75006 Paris France

    Ref: R-CER-VINTAG-6-7-34-MBB-CP230-F110 

    Shipping & delivery

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    To fulfill the dreams of children all over the world, we ship internationally straight from our Parisian childrenswear boutique L'Île aux Fées 66 rue Notre Dame des Champs 75006 Paris.

    Special circumstances - Covid 19

    Due to the COVID delivery may take a little longer than usual. However the same care and quality of service is provided. You will receive a tracking number which we will closely follow up until the parcel is in your arms! Ensuring the quickest delivery possible is our priority. 

    For more details please do not hesitate to contact us by email at

    Take care and stay safe


    Shipping prices and delays

    Shipping in Europe is free and takes 3 to 6 days depending on the destination.

    Shipping to the rest of the world including to the USA takes on average 7 to 14 days. The shipping fee is 15€ whatever the amount ordered.

    As soon the order is placed, the items are shipped within the day or at the latest on the next working day. A shipping link is provided. We follow up the tracking closely until delivery of the items.

    If you wish us to ship through an express carrier ( DHL or Chronopost) at your cost, we are happy to do so. Please send us an email at explaining your needs. We will then create a special payment link for you.


    Express shipping 

    Upon demand we can ship with the express carrier of your choice ( Chronopost or DHL...). The expense is paid by the client and Charlotte sy Dimby will not reimburse the sum shall you wish to send back the products.


    Order tracking

    As soon as the package is on its way, you will receive a tracking link and number is sent by email. Caring for each parcel as if it were our very own, we always keep a close eye on the status of orders until they are safe in your arms.

    Order delivery

    Our parcels our shipped through the carrier Collisimo. Signature is required for orders outside of France.

    For international orders, certain countries may apply customs duty on imports. These are not taken in charge by our company but up to the customer to pay.  

    Upon receipt of the goods, please verify the correctness of products.

    In case of any anomaly concerning the delivery such as: damaged packaging, missing products, damaged products, products not complying with the order complaints may be addressed within a delay of 2 week after reception of the products. Notifications must be addressed to

     Where defects have been confirmed, you may ask for:

    a. A replacement of the Product(s) at the expense of L’île aux Fées


    b.   A reimbursement of the order price (price of products and delivery charges) and cost of shipping, no later than within thirty (30) days from the mailing date of notification confirmation of error by the customer service.

    Exceeding the maximum delivery time of eleven business days after the settlement of the order counting from the day following receipt of the order., not justified by force majeure (Act of God), the Customer may request cancellation of the sale and obtain within a maximum period of thirty days the refund of the amount paid in connection with the sale.

    Additionnal services - custom delivery

    If your order is a present, we can add a message or special note. Please feel free to send us a mail at with your gift instructions.

    If you wish to retrieve your parcel in our Parisian boutique or have it delivered straight to your hotel, this is perfectly possible too. Please send us a mail explaining your wish.

    If you need an urgent delivery, please do not hesitate to reach out. Our team will do its very best to find a solution to satisfy your request!

    charlotte sy dimby smocked dresses shipping worldwide including to the USA united States



    Size Guide

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    Please click here to view our size guide.
    Our collections are true to size however if you are new to our brand and hesitating on the accurate sizing, we recommend to at least measure your child from head to toe and compare the given height with our charts.
    Please keep in mind that if you purchase a dress with a sash, you will be able to adjust it at the waist thereby creating a pretty and well fitted silhouette even if the dress is slightly longer.
    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us as
    smocked dress children size guide charlotte sy dimby french style handmade paris

    Care & cleaning tips

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     All our garments are made of high quality machine washable fabrics. Thinking of families as a whole, we design our collections which the intention of meeting both children's need of comfort and mothers' busy schedules with frequent lack of time for household chores.

     Made to last and to be passed down from generation to generation, no specific care is required : following just a few basic principles will be more than enough! The most important is to let your little ones wear their outfits with love and joy!

    charlotte sy dimby smocked dresses for children care and cleaning tips - how to iron a smocked dress

    Here are our general guidelines as well as a few of our secrets to help you gain time and efficiency.

    Cleaning advice

    All our garments can be machine washed.
    We recommend the use of a delicate, 30 degree cycle .
    For smocked dresses, we suggest turning the dresses inside out to best protect the fabric. This will also prevent them from wrinkling too much!

    For white clothing, avoid mixing with other colours. Preferably wash with similar shades.

    Charlotte sy Dimby handmade white smocked dress - cleaning tips
    Once the item is cleaned please leave to hang dry and avoid tumble drying. Do not bleach.

    Ironing tips
    Depending on the fabric type and weight, our smocked and embroidered dresses may require a little ironing once out of the wash.
    By following the steps below, your dress will look perfect within minutes.
    1. Never iron the smocks panel. Handmade using traditional techniques, the pleats will stay put and do not require any care.
    handmade smocks Charlotte sy Dimby childrenswear
    2. Begin by the collar. Unfold it and press it flat upon board. Use the tip of the iron to go all around the collar.
    3. Then take care of the sleeves. Here is our little secret to give them a nice and puffy shape in no time!
    Unbutton the the top of the dress to have easy access to the sleeve itself.
    Hold the iron straight in front of the sleeve inside and aim the steamer towards it. Blowing air into it will make it puff it like a balloon right away and give it a pretty shape!
    handmade smocks puffed sleeves Charlotte sy Dimby
    4. Give a quick ironing to the dress lining (and tulle for Netti dresses). Lay the fabric nice as flat as you can to ensure more ease and avoid creating wrinkles.
    handmade Netti smocked dress lining with tulle Charlotte sy Dimby
    5. To get a crisp finish, iron the skirt. Begin by separating the pleats.
    Using the pointy end of the iron to have access to the fabric in between the pleats, go right up to the top of the skirt just below the smocks panel.
    This will make an upside V shape due to the pleat stitch.
    Work each pleat one a time turning the skirt upon the ironing board to go all the way around.
    Charlotte sy Dimby handmade smocked dress
    5. Remove the dress from the board and brush the pleats to arrange them as they are supposed to appear.


    Extra buttons

    If ever you happen to lose a button, two extra ones are sewn into the left side lining of the dress. Called "boutons de courtoisie" in French, these additional buttons are a symbol of high quality well-made garments. 


    Butterfly bow

    With each dress order you will receive the link to our butterfly bow tutorial teaching you how to perfectly tie the sash at the back of your child's dress.

    Please find access to the video below

    The art of the butterfly bow 

    charlotte sy dimby the secret of the butterfly bow

    If you have any question or inquiry regarding the care and cleaning of your outfits please do not hesitate to reach out by email at or by DM on Instagram.


    Traditional couture - Smocks and embroidery expertise

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    Uniting timeless French style with traditional hand smocking and embroidery, our dresses are one of a kind. Time-honored know-hows of dressmaking are practiced in our very own atelier by our team of experts who bring each piece to life. 
    Dedicated to the craft for over three decades, we are commited to the safe-keeping of this precious heritage.

     handmade smocking Charlotte sy Dimby

    Our fabrics are manually gathered using a traditional pleater. Through meticulous gestures we obtain consistency and equal distance between the pleats.
    For striped and checked fabrics, we  pleat the fabric entirely by hand so as to put forward one color. The same goes for velvets so as to achieve greated precision.
    handmade smocking Charlotte sy Dimby


    Once pleated, the fabric is then smocked entirely by hand too. This skill is passed down from generation to generation within our atelier. Offering unlimited possibilities, smocks enhance our creativity. 

    charlotte sy dimby handmade smocks pink Netti


    All our embroideries are traditionally made with embroidery hoops. We call the result “needle painting” due to its delicacy. Thanks to this ancient know-how we achieve great precision and sophistication.

    charlotte sy dimby handmade embroidery

    Each season is a new opportunity to experiment and renew our designs. Inspiration is gleaned from nature’s beauty, cherished childhood memories, and most of all French culture. Our Parisian boutique L'Île aux Fées' surrounding is a constant source of amazement and new ideas.

    handmade embroidery Charlotte sy Dimby

    We also use traditional coutures techniques for our finishings. Our hems and linings are also made by hand in order to obtain an invisible seam. 

    charlotte sy dimby handmade lining

     Handmade hem lining traditional techniquesEven our buttons are self covered by hand!

    charlotte sy dimby handmade buttons

    Nothing is left to chance. We believe there is no age to enjoy well made clothes. At every step and up until the very last stitch, great care is provided. The wrong side is almost as clean as the right side. Your children deserve perfection. 

    Our story & team

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    Our collections are designed with the intention of celebrating the magic of childhood. They are a hymn to the tenderness of these early first years, a way of preserving the innocence of our children’s candid world.

    Convinced that there is no age to appreciate high quality clothing and that "a thing of beauty is a joy forever"*, our handmade smocked dresses are jewels to treasure. Timeless classics, they are created as heirloom pieces to cherish and pass down from generation to generation.


    charlotte sy dimby  handmade French style smocked dresses for babies and girls

     More than offering elegant French style clothing, our deepest wish is to add joy to your children’s special moments, to enhance small and big milestones with sparkles of love and bliss.

    To make each child unique, to allow the princess lying within every little girl to bloom and blossom, we have made the choice of creating exclusive editions with one, great maximum two per size only. 

    Handmade smocking by Charlotte sy Dimby

    Behind our brand lies the passionate skill and generous soul of Monique Ramahay.

    She alone selects each and every fabric and designs all of our collections. Lovingly referred to as the “Queen of Smocks”, her discerning taste and expert eye for colour harmonies is second to none. Season after season, her boundless creativity gives birth to new designs. If her style remains chic and classic, not one collection looks like another. Offering infinite possibilities, smocking and embroidery are her favorite playing field! Aged seventy two, her dynamism and thriving imagination is an example for us all. 

    handmade smocked dress - Parisian style - little girl's doll house

    To bring to live to these exquisite creations, Monique has surrounded herself with a small but highly dedicated crew. Working hand in hand we are almost like a family.

    Our production team, expert in traditional handmade smocks and embroideries is made of fourteen women and one man. They are based in Madagascar, home country of our designer. Pioneer at the time, Monique was indeed one of the first, more than three decades ago, to unite the exceptional craftsmanship of her island with timeless French style. Raised between the two countries, she took the very best of each culture to create her very own atelier and magical universe.

    handmade classic little girl smocked dress - French style
     The choice of Paris where she has spent more than half of her life came as an evidence for our boutique. It is in the capital that she meet her young soul partner, Sybille de La Presle. If more than forty five years set them apart, they make a perfect duo. In charge of L’Île aux Fées, our authentic Parisian store and of the e-shop, Sybille had “a coup de coeur” with the brand at first sight during her studies and has never left it since then.

    charlotte sy dimby  handmade French style smocked dresses for babies and girls

    Our love of France can be felt throughout our whole universe. May our collections allow you to travel to our beautiful country and give your children’s wardrobe a chic French style. If ever you travel to Paris, please come and visit us. We would be more than happy to welcome you.

    In the meantime we wish you and your families all the best!

    * Quote from John Keats





    Matching accessories - Bow suggestions

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    To allow your child to be perfectly dressed from head to toe, we would like to share our favorite hair bow brands! Part of the magic of childhood, these delicate accessories are the ideal finishing touch to a chic smocked dress and will make your little one feel like a princess.

    Charlotte sy Dimby handmade smocked dresses and bow


    Three brands below have truly caught our hearts:

    Peketita Bows and Flowers for its wide range of options

    Eva's House hair accessories for its high-end European style

    Hibiscus Linen for its custom-made embroidered bows

    Their designers are kind and passionate souls who will be more than happy to make your dreams come true. In close partnership with each one, you can contact them on our behalf. 

     handmade smocked dress Charlotte sy Dimby - bow by Eva's house


    The name of the brand itself is exquisite and immediately has us travelling to soft and dreamy worlds. Its designer, Marisela Mena, based in Florida is just as sweet. Handcrafting each and every bow, we appreciate her wide range of choice.

    Peketita bows and flowers hair accessories for babies and girls

    The numerous fabric options, velvet, gauze, linen, cotton to silk, organza and lace trim offers a large choice adapted to all types of circumstances! A classic cotton bow for school, a velvet one to add a royal like feel to a party dress, etc….

    peketita bows and flowers - hair accessory

    We also like the possibility of selecting the size of the accessories. This allows a perfect fit for all ages, babies, toddlers and older girls. 

    The options of nylon nude bands or alligator clip to attach the bows is another asset of the brand. Peketita bows and flowers bows adapt to all kinds of hair, whether long, short, curly or straight!

    peketita handmade bows hair accessories

    For a French look we would tend to recommend smaller size bows, for more of an American style we suggest larger bows.

    Last but not least, the packaging is beautiful too!

    Shop online

    Visit the brand's Instagram account

    Shipping zones : USA - England - France - Spain

    Shipping fees : Free shipping to the USA for orders over 35$ - 12 to 17$ for orders to Europe depending on the weight

    Email address :



    For a chic high-end European look, we definitely recommend contacting the darling Eva. Kindness and work well done would best define her universe!

    Based in Switzerland, all her hair accessories are carefully assembled with thread to avoid the use of glue and staples and packed with the highest care.

    Eva's house hair accessories

    Frequently updating her colors and style to the mood of the moment, you will be sure to find the perfect accessory whatever the occasion.

    We particularly like her crown headbands which will give a princess feel to any outfit!

    Eva's house crown headbands - charlotte sy dimby hair accessories suggestions

    We also like her use of gingham and seerscuker. Timeless classics, they revive happy childhood souvenirs. And of course her satin bows are a must have in every little girl’s wardrobe.

    Eva's house satin bow - Charlotte sy Dimby bow suggestion

    Shop online 

    Visit Eva's Instagram account

    Shipping  : Worldwide 

    Shipping fees : 2.50CHF for Switzerland plus 0.20 CHF for additional product and 8.80 CHF plus 0.50CHF for additional product for the rest of the world.



    For custom made bows, our preference goes without a doubt to Hibiscus Linens.

    Hibiscus Linen custom made bows - Charlotte sy Dimby suggestions

    Founded by Mariana Barran Goodall, named 2018 Best Southern Tastemaker by Southern Living and Winner of the 8th Annual Made in the South Awards, the brand is dedicated to preserving traditional textile and needlework techniques while bringing a fresh and modern aesthetic. 

    Entirely handmade made, the  Hibiscus Linen team is able to create the bow of yours dreams to match any of our dresses and outfits. 

    You will be able to pick not only the shape, colour and size but will also be able to add an embroidered monogram or sweet symbol. A beautiful accessory to make your child feel truly special and unique.

    Hibiscus Linen custom made bows - Charlotte sy Dimby suggestion

    Shop the Hibiscus bow collection 

    Design your custom made bow 



    If you wish more styling advice, be it for shoes or colour harmony or tips on how to create a classic French style outfit we would be more than happy to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us by email at or on Instagram by DM. And of course if you are in Paris, please come directly to our boutique L’Île aux Fées 66 rue Notre Dame des Champs 75006.



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