Fall...in apples

An apple a day keeps the doctor away says the quote.
Apples in fall call for a delicious recipe, a craft and fun sayings.
Charlotte and Burlington fun creative Autumn activity for children!
Learn all about the French Tarte Tatin : a French desert pronounced 'tart tah-TAN' is an "upside-down" caramelized apple tart. The apples are beneath the dough instead of on top of it.
Discover how to bake it with our easy kid friendly recipe.
Tartin Tatin easy kid friendly French apple desert recipe
Learn all about the origin of this tart! Did you know that it was born from the clumsiness of two sisters? Culinary incidents can lead to wonders!
Tarte Tatin apple recipe

Discover fun French and English sayings around apples.
French and English sayings around apples
Enjoy a creative apple stamping craft and make your home made Autumnal wreath.
Apple stamping autumn craft activity for children



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Charlotte and Burlington wildrose flower activity for children

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