During his eleven hour flight from Madagascar to France, Burlington decided to learn about the landmarks of Paris.

He has created a special map just for you. Let's discover all about the city together!

Discovering Paris, map for children, family club
Once you have put together your map, you will be able to stick the landmarks of Paris discovered by Burlington.
He has made fun riddles, will you be able to guess the names of the landmarks?
I have the shape of an upside down U.
Two artists had the idea of wrapping me last September.

I live at the top of the Champs Elysées on a circular plaza on the Right Bank of Paris.

Who am I?


I am the biggest museum in the world.
The latest addition to my architecture is made of glass and has the shape of a pyramid.
The Tuileries Gardens are my neighbours.

Who am I? 


I am a big stone pillar decorated with Egyptian writing called hieroglyphs.
I live on the Place de La Concorde on the Left Bank of Paris.
I am extremely old.
Who am I?
I suffered from a terrible fire which destroyed part of my roof.
I live on an island in the centre of Paris.
Napoleon was crowned under my roof.
Who am I? 
I connect the Left and Right banks of the River Seine.
I am famous for my 32 lamp posts.
I am named after a Russian Tsar.
Who am I? 
Well done to all who guessed! You will find the answers below and fun facts on each monument. Click on the link to download your landmark picture to add to your map.
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