Nothing makes us happier than seeing our dresses worn. Thank you so much to all our little princesses for sharing their gorgeous pictures. Thank you for all your compliments and kind words!

Pink birthday party velbvet smocked dress - Elle

Elle's first birthday party in the Netherlands - Custom made pink velvet smocked dress

"Thank you for making such an amazing birthday dress!"

handmade pink smocked dress - classic chic children's photo shoot

handmade pink smocked dress - classic chic children's photo shoot

Beautiful portrait of Gigi by the talented child photographer Elizabeth Pettey in her New York studio shared on Instagram.
"A daughter is just a little girl who grows up to be your best friend” 🎀 wearing a classic dress by Charlotte sy Dimby something magical & timeless about a smocked dress reminds me of the way my mama used to dress me as a little girl!"
blue handmade smocked dress classic chic summer style for babies and girls
Darling Arabella from Los Angeles in her blue Cerise dress with pink bow embroideries.
"I certainly see why the royals and celebs alike buy their princesses these stunning handmade, one of a kind dresses. If you’re looking for something special for your lil sunshine or as a gift, you won’t be disappointed!"
handmade pink smocked dress special event l
Sweet Madison celebrating Easter in our Pink Cerise smocked dress with Georgia smocks from the Born on Fifth collection.
"Your dresses are beautiful works of art which we adore!"
handmade raw silk smocked dress baby girl
Thank you to  Annica_noelle for announcing the wonderful news of her sister to come in our handmade Preppy pink raw silk smocked dress.
"One of my most favourite dresses ever, and perfect for these special photos 💕 "
handmade floral print dress baby girl
Victoria in her floral print dress with Julie embroideries
"Thank you so much! We're more than happy that we found you, your personal service is amazing!"

handmade blue smocked dresses netti with ruffles
Thank you to  Devon Liedtke for sharing such a sweet picture of her darling twins. Photography by Melissa Fitzgerald West
"We love our dresses!"
flower girls bridesmaids wedding smocked dresses
flower girls bridesmaids wedding smocked dresses
Special order of handmade smocked dresses for the wedding of Laline Hay, youngest daughter of the Earl of Errol and Captain Jeremy 
"The dresses were admired by everyone!"

handmade baby outfit blouse and matching bloomer summer set
Thank you to Arden's mother for sharing this sweet picture of Arden in her Garance ouftit.

"Arden's Montessori outfit this morning. Her teachers say she is the best dressed!"
Fir green velvet smocked dress Italy
Darling Chiara from Italy in her fir green Amandine smocked dress!
"These garments have the power to make me travel back to my childhood and to revive very dear memories: my grandmother’s couture (back at the time when ready-to-wear did not exist in Brasil) and the love of fabrics of my grandfather ( who made it his job)."
children's heirloom pastel portrait smocked dress
Precious portrait by  Natalie Erwin of a beautiful child in our Lavender blue Cerise dress with Glycine smocks
Tea at the Plaza Hotel New York - Thank you to Kate for looking so elegant in her handmade velvet smocked dress
Tea at the Plaza Hotel New York - Thank you to Kate for looking so elegant in her handmade velvet smocked dress.
"These dresses are so precious; I don’t even buy Kate dress from anywhere else anymore. They don’t hold the candle next to yours"
Flower girl lavender blue bridesmaid smocked dress
Beautiful flower girls in their Lavender blue Cerise smocked dresses
“Truly the dresses were even better than I'd hoped for, thank you again!” Katie
handmade smocked dress baby gift

“My niece just had her first baby. The new mom received many nice presents but insists that this dress is her favorite!” - Bill - Moretown, Vermont, USA

handmade velvet Christmas smocked dress Allmum's talk

Thank you to darling Amelie for looking so sweet in her Christmas Coral red velvet smocked dress - picture taken in London by Aly from All mum's talk

"Because it’s been her first Christmas tree (inc a wild flower bush ) decorating session, the dress code had to match the impressive event, therefore this gorgeous coral red Cerise velvet dress with Losange smocks (which just traveled all the way from Paris) was the most obvious choice 
The attention to details is simply remarkable, I knew it would be a special one ever since I first opened the package"

child's portrait heirloom portrait

Thank you to Rhytts Hackney for having chosern our Amandine Vintage smocked dress for her portrait

(picture taken in Virginia)

“The dresses are exquisite, and the quality is unsurpassable. I’ve never witnessed better customer service, the team goes above and beyond to make sure you are pleased.” 


baby girl smocked dress
Gabrielle is wearing a Cerise smocked dress with pink Fabrice smocks
"Our ‘Little Miss G’ (Gabrielle) wearing one of your stunning creations. 
On the occasions she has worn the dress, she has had many positive comments regarding the design, material, quality and beautiful workmanship.
We proudly name you and would recommend your clothing to others. 
Thank you from one happy customer."
handmade christening ceremony dress - happy client
"Dear Charlotte sy Dimby team,
The dresses were just delivered to me safely and are GORGEOUS!
Thank you very much for all your efforts and wonderful job! You really helped our ceremony to be even more magical, as my older daughter said and earned two new loyal customers!
Thank you again "
sally gates portrait picture - white handmade smocked dress
Picture by the Classic Pastel Portrait artist Sally Gates - Lily looks gorgeous in her handmade Amandine smocked dress with Cueillette smocks
The dress was perfect! Thank you! Xoxo"
happy client liberty print smocked dress classic chic summer dress frenchstyle
This little princess is wearing our Liberty print Netti smocked dress
"Thanks to you Chloe feels like a princess"
princess charlotte smocked dress america matching outfits
Darling sisters in their matching Princess Charlotte smocked dress
"We love this dress"
Liberty print smocked dress
Happy birthday Daphné ! Thank you so much for wearing our Honeysuckle Liberty print Amandine dress so beautifully!
handmade lavender blue smocked dress girl
Thank you to darling Margot for wearing our Lavender blue Cerise smocked dress with such grace! 
“Always our 1st choice for a beautiful dress”
Frazier in her handmade Velvet Elise outfit  Frazier in her handmade Velvet Elise outfit
Thank you to Frazier for these gorgeous pictures in her handmade Velvet Elise outfit (picture taken in Mississipi)
"The dresses are just absolutely gorgeous with an eye for detail that is rarely seen. We can’t wait to add to her growing collection!"