Before taking you the Opéra de Paris, Charlotte and Burlington invite you to practice your ballet vocabulary!

In this video, you will learn about the origins of ballet vocabulary as well as the meaning of the following terms :

* ballet/balai

* danseuse étoile

* petit rat de l'opéra

You will also learn new words :

* ballet shoes = chaussons de danse

* a show = un spectacle

* I am wearing a tutu = je porte un tutu

* I am going to the opera = je vais à l'opéra

Ballet positions in French

1st position

In French : Première position

Heels are touching and toes are facing outward. The feet make a flat line. They are firmly grounded, the soles are in contact with the floor.

2nd position

In French : Deuxième position

The feet make a line but are separated from one another, roughly as wide apart as the shoulders.

3rd position 

In French : Troisième position

It is a training position for the 5th position.

The heel of one foot rests against another, both are turned outwards. 

4th position

In French : Quatrième position

One foot rests in front of another. Both are turned outwards. It is close to the third position but the feet are further apart.

5th position

In French : Cinquième position

It is the most challenging position and requires a lot of practice.

The heel of the front foot is placed against the big toe joint of the back foot.

Learn how to pronounce the ballet positions in French

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