Our story & team

Our collections are designed with the intention of celebrating the magic of childhood. They are a hymn to the tenderness of these early first years, a way of preserving the innocence of our children’s candid world.

Convinced that there is no age to appreciate high quality clothing and that "a thing of beauty is a joy forever"*, our handmade smocked dresses are jewels to treasure. Timeless classics, they are created as heirloom pieces to cherish and pass down from generation to generation.


charlotte sy dimby  handmade French style smocked dresses for babies and girls

 More than offering elegant French style clothing, our deepest wish is to add joy to your children’s special moments, to enhance small and big milestones with sparkles of love and bliss.

To make each child unique, to allow the princess lying within every little girl to bloom and blossom, we have made the choice of creating exclusive editions with one, great maximum two per size only. 

Handmade smocking by Charlotte sy Dimby

Behind our brand lies the passionate skill and generous soul of Monique Ramahay.

Monique Ramahay

She alone selects each and every fabric and designs all of our collections. Lovingly referred to as the “Queen of Smocks”, her discerning taste and expert eye for colour harmonies is second to none. Season after season, her boundless creativity gives birth to new designs. If her style remains chic and classic, not one collection looks like another. Offering infinite possibilities, smocking and embroidery are her favorite playing field! Aged seventy two, her dynamism and thriving imagination is an example for us all. 

handmade smocked dress - Parisian style - little girl's doll house

To bring to live to these exquisite creations, Monique has surrounded herself with a small but highly dedicated crew. Working hand in hand we are almost like a family.

Our production team, expert in traditional handmade smocks and embroideries is made of fourteen women and one man. They are based in Madagascar, home country of our designer. Pioneer at the time, Monique was indeed one of the first, more than three decades ago, to unite the exceptional craftsmanship of her island with timeless French style. Raised between the two countries, she took the very best of each culture to create her very own atelier and magical universe.

handmade classic little girl smocked dress - French style
 The choice of Paris where she has spent more than half of her life came as an evidence for our boutique. It is in the capital that she meet her young soul partner, Sybille de La Presle. If more than forty five years set them apart, they make a perfect duo. In charge of L’Île aux Fées, our authentic Parisian store and of the e-shop, Sybille had “a coup de coeur” with the brand at first sight during her studies and has never left it since then.

charlotte sy dimby  handmade French style smocked dresses for babies and girls

Our love of France can be felt throughout our whole universe. May our collections allow you to travel to our beautiful country and give your children’s wardrobe a chic French style. If ever you travel to Paris, please come and visit us. We would be more than happy to welcome you.

In the meantime we wish you and your families all the best!

* Quote from John Keats