As Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” This viewpoint resonates so well with my own perspective of fashion. For me, the concept of fashion and style is that it is a unique expression: one’s own curation of an aesthetic as an individual form of art that makes it so special and enduring. Beautiful fabrics and clothing that is cut and tailored to perfection is a symphony for the senses. The way that we weave pieces together tells a story that not only represents ourselves visually, but that can also stir up feelings and transport us to eras of the past or to new places not yet explored.

Children’s fashion : how to dress a little girl - Charlotte sy Dimby
My name is Lindsay and I am the creator, photographer, and stylist behind the @annica_noelle Instagram account which shares photos of my nieces, Annica Noëlle and Liliana Grace. Initially, I started the account as a way to share photos with family and friends, and then also to archive little snippets of daily life to remind Annica of what her childhood was like as she grew older. Over time, however, it evolved into a way to also share little glimpses into Annica’s world of fashion, tea parties, and everyday life with new acquaintances worldwide. I could never have dreamt that we would actually inspire others and be so immensely inspired in return.
Children’s fashion : how to dress a little girl - Charlotte sy Dimby
I have admired fashion and design for as long as I can remember. When I was a little girl, I used to look at fashion magazines and catalogues for hours. I would clip out photos of dresses, shoes, and other accessories that I loved and I would place them in a locked box called my “Someday File”—a curated collection of all the things that I would wear when I grew up. Back then, I was particularly fond of Gucci, Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani, and Yves Saint Laurent. I loved simple, clean designs that were timeless and elegant, which remains true even today.
Before Annica was born, I had never really paid any attention to children’s fashion as I did not have any myself, nor nieces or nephews, nor did any of my friends have small children. My familiarity and comfort was strictly with women’s fashion and womenswear designers. So, when I first found out that my sister would be having a girl, my go-to choices for little Annica tended to be more sophisticated (often unpractically so) and I quickly learned that overly-structured, fussy outfits and infants are not the most realistic of combinations.
As I got my bearings, I tended towards Spanish childrenswear for polished, classic pieces that satisfied my taste for refined looks while being practical and comfortable enough for everyday wear. Today, just three years later, I find myself more comfortable and inspired in the world of children’s fashion than that of adults.
As Annica grew, I became entranced by the magic of childhood: this brief period of time in which everything is new and fresh, whimsical and idyllic. It was with this realisation that Annica’s aesthetic came to be; and it is what guides everything for me not only in terms of dressing the girls, but also as it relates to décor, toys, and activities. Today, when it comes to selecting clothing and accessories for Annica and Liliana, I approach it from the perspective that they are mini versions of adults but with specific needs for function and comfort—and a special touch of magic that we too often lose in adulthood. 
Children’s fashion : how to dress a little girl - Charlotte sy Dimby

What guides you in your fashion choices?

Every look I style on the girls represents a collection of pieces that I love and hopefully make the girls feel like the beautiful little ladies that they are. It is also very important to me that each piece of clothing is made of natural fabrics that are comfortable and allow for ease of movement. I am also drawn to unique or bespoke pieces that have special details such appliques or embellishments.

Children’s fashion : how to dress a little girl - Charlotte sy Dimby

How do you create Annica and Liliana’s looks?

When I begin wardrobe planning for a particular season or event, I take into consideration several factors.

Firstly, I tend to select staple pieces from a few go-to brands (blouses, cardigans, trousers, skirts, dresses, etc.) and then I start to think about ways to incorporate current trends in a way that stays true to my own esthetic.

Secondly, I love to envision ways that I can elevate the pieces so that, together, they will create a unique, polished, and stylish look that tells the girls’ story. To help with this, I keep a running visual list—the modern version of my erstwhile Someday File—of unique designers and pieces that I stumble across. This might include hair accessories, or fancy collars, unique sashes, or pretty handbags. I have found so many amazing pieces on Etsy and other small shops and, occasionally, I commission bespoke pieces if I’m unable to find exactly what I’m looking for. Thirdly, it has to be special and unique.

Children’s fashion : how to dress a little girl - Charlotte sy Dimby

How do you organise the girls’ closets?

I blame my artistic temperament for my lack of proper closet organization. Though not as efficient as I would like, I tend to keep the girls’ closets arranged by season. I also like to arrange by size. Since the girls are constantly growing, I keep current sizes front and centre while upcoming sizes are within easy reach off to the side.

What are your favourite shoe brands?

I’ve been shoe obsessed since before I could walk, and some things never change! I tend to splurge on shoes for the girls and I favour Gucci, Baby Dior, and Dolce and Gabbana. I was raised to appreciate the importance of good quality shoes, so materials and construction remain very important to me to this day. I also love Bonpoint, Sonatina, Little Mary, and PèPè shoes

Children’s fashion : how to dress a little girl - Charlotte sy Dimby

What are you favourite accessory brands?

After shoes, my next great love is accessories. When it comes to hair accessories and hats, we have been very fortunate to work with some amazing brands on Instagram. My go to choices are Olilia, Arbii Label, Dava Baby, and Petit Maison Kids. For handbags, I love Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana.  

What advice would you give to mothers on how to dress their children?

Before anything else, dress your children with love. This is the most important thing. It doesn’t matter what brands or styles one chooses, but it is the love that goes into the effort that makes the look so special. When I select clothing for Annica and Liliana, I put my heart and soul into it because, to me, beautiful clothing is an outward expression of what they mean to me and a representation of how much they are loved. When I wrap them up in a beautiful cashmere sweater, it feels like a hug that they can wear with them all day; a beautiful headband or bow represents a crown because they truly are princesses; amazing shoes accompany them on their special adventures; and a gorgeous dress can help them to feel as magical on the outside as they are on the inside.

This very reason is why Charlotte sy Dimby is such a special brand to us and one that I admire so much. Their exquisite attention to detail and the workmanship that goes into each of their creations shows through so beautifully. They make the dresses that every little girl deserves to be dressed in.

Children’s fashion : how to dress a little girl - Charlotte sy Dimby

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