Special capsule collection with Gaia Stella
To celebrate the magic of childhood we collaborated with the Italian illustrator Gaia Stella. In love with her colorful and playful children’s illustrations, we were thrilled by her latest book “Mes Endroits à moi”. Following little Alice on her exploration through her favorite spots, we discover the greenhouse, the library and many other well known places of our daily lives with a the curious and amazed eyes of a child.
Mes Endroits à moi
Mes Endroits à moi - Gaia Stella
On the occasion of the famous Paris Book Fair held in Vincennes, we designed a very special capsule collection of three handmade dresses. Inspired by the illustrations Gaia Stella’s books, these precious gowns are embroidered with the greenhouse, jungle and home themes of the book.
Gaia Stella - handmade embroidered dress
Each dress is a real masterpiece demanding more than a week of work for one skilled embroiderer. Fully handmade with embroidery hoops, these dresses are highly sophisticated.
Green house handmade embroidered dressHandmade embroidery
Green house handmade embroidered dress : Shop the dress
Handmade embroidered dressHandmade embroidered dress
Jungle handmade embroidered dress : Shop the dress
Handmade embroidered dressGaia Stella illustration
Inside the house handmade embroidered dress : Shop the dress 
To learn more about Gaia Stella please visit her website

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