Frequently asked for children's gift ideas as well as nursery decor inspiration and wishing to support handmade craftsmanship we are delighted to present BimBom. A young brand offering soft stuffed bunnies with the sweetest looks and most elegant outfits!

Soft plush toys - BimBom bunnies for babies and children - Gift and nursery decor idea

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Each one wears a fun and playful pointy hat and chic cape both adorned with colorful pom-poms. Their gorgeous garments, dresses or darling bloomers and knickers are made of Liberty-of-london Tana Lawn cotton, linen, silk, wool, or double gaze. Their bodies are in velvet or linen. There is a real creativity and research in the fabric choice! Every season, new styles are revealed.

Handmade soft plush toys for children and babies - gift ideas BimBom

It is also possible to have your bunny custom-made with its unique wardrobe. Almost like a doll, your child will be able to dress up her BimBom. These bunnies work just as well for little boys. Gentleman BimBoms come in more masculine shades with knickers or bloomers!

Bimbom handmade bunnies

The love put into the bunnies can be felt behind each creation. It is a small Polish family business. The designer handmaking the BimBoms in a her own home is a passionate grandmother named Renata. Wishing to share her know-how and creative skills, she was encouraged by her daughter, Eva, to launch her brand. When her youngest grandchild named Emma first saw the plush toys, she said " Wow Granny, it looks like bimbom!" touching the pom-poms. That's how the name was born.

Family owned small business - handmade soft plush toy bunnies

Each bunny measures 70cm and is entirely handmade in Europe.

For the moment Bimbom bunnies can be ordered directly on Instagram by DM or through Facebook.

Beautiful birthday or new born gift, nursery decor, toy or dear friend to carry around everywhere, BimBom will delight children of all ages.

Handmade soft plush toys - Sweet bunnies - Children's gift idea

Photo by - Sweet summer petal collar play set by Charlotte sy Dimby

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