High quality classic chic children’s coats you should know about : Marae by Serendipity

Thanks to Serendipity, we discovered the outerwear brand Marae kids and its beautiful coats.

High quality classic chic children’s coat
Founded by Amanda, charming mother of three angels living in the Netherlands, this online children’s boutique offers classic styles for both girls and boys from 0 to 12 years old. The highlight of their collection are the classy and timeless Marae jackets and coats.

High quality classic chic children’s coat 
high quality chidren's winter coats classic chic marae kids charlotte sy dimby

Entirely handmade in Spain, the quality is outstanding. Made of the best Austrian Merino wool, they are both soft and warm. Meticulous control of each and every production step results in spotless designs and perfect finishings. 

High quality classic chic children’s coat
Graciously worn by Princess Charlotte of Cambridge and her brother Prince George, Marae coats represent classic European children’s fashion at its best. A very "royal family" like style!
Uniting tradition and elegance, these coats are a must have piece for a classy winter wardrobe. 
High quality classic chic children’s coat princess charlotte royal family
The wide choice of colours and design options is mind-blowing: from deep burgundy red, to pastel pink or classic navy, with fur collar, hood or Peter pan collar, double or single breasted, the hardest is to make up one’s mind. At the moment, it is even possible to have fully custom made coats. Sky is the limit!

Amanda, ambassador of the brand in Europe through her brand, Serendipity, which means the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy and beneficial way, fell in love with Marae at first sight. Passionate about beautiful and quality children’s clothes, she will be able to best guide you to make the right choice.

High quality classic chic children’s coat
To be put in contact with Amanda please write an email to : info@charlottesydimby.com

To know more about Marae coats : https://www.maraekids.com/

To know more about Serendipity and Amanda follow her instagram : https://www.instagram.com/childrensboutiqueserendipity/

Coat price : around 149,95€

Orders & delivery : Coats can be ordered online and retrieved in our Parisian boutique L’Île aux Fées 66 rue Notre Dame des Champs 75006 or sent through our e-shop to your place with our smocked dresses.

 High quality wool winter coats for children charlotte sy dimby marae kids


high quality chidren's winter coats classic chic marae kids charlotte sy dimby

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