Atlanta meets Paris …. Elegant American lifestyle meets French refinement... 
Born on Fifth meets Charlotte sy Dimby and so the love story continues!
For our third collaboration, we have created a dream wardrobe of five iconic pieces considered as classic must-haves for girls and baby boys. A way to celebrate the magic of childhood!
New collaboration with Emily Hertz from Born on Fifth

Inspired by our shared passion for bows and everything floral, our collection is very poetic. Uniting French elegance with the Southern tradition of dressing children in a timeless style, our smocked dresses and matching bubbles hold the best of two cultures.

Merging the beautiful universe of Emily, her darling daughter Elle and little prince Jennings with the precious know-how of Charlotte sy Dimby results into impeccable high quality garments with an unequal romantic chic style.

Pioneers in marrying nouveau French style with the traditional smocking and embroidery art, each piece is handmade in limited edition in the Charlotte sy Dimby's atelier.

Designed with passion and care, our deepest wish is to bring joy to your special moments

Come with us into a dreamy world of pastels where beauty is queen!

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Five iconics - Born on Fifth and Charlotte sy Dimby wardrobe

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