Uniting timeless French style with traditional hand smocking and embroidery, our dresses are one of a kind. It is the love put into each design and care for details that makes Charlotte sy Dimby so special! As Leonardo da Vinci said Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.

Discover below the secrets behind our dresses!

Handmade smocks craftsmanship

Limited editions

To allow each child to feel unique and add a precious feel to your special moments, we have made the choice of creating very limited editions. We create one dress per size only and never restock our designs. Our wish is to offer you exclusive pieces to treasure and cherish. Quality and beauty come very first! 
Available in our unique Parisian boutique and through our online e-shop only, you can be sure that your little one will not be dressed like all her friends!
*The only designs which we restock are our Born on Fifth collections and iconics. To make dreams come true and for very special events, we can sometimes make custom orders. For more details please contact us at info@charlottesydimby.com
Handmade French style children smocked dress

Handmade within our own atelier

Designed, cut and sewn within our own atelier, each dress is handmade with care. Total control of the whole production process and entire freedom in our creativity enables us to fully express our skills and creativity.

Our designer, Monique Ramahay, fondly nicknamed "Queen of Smocks", selects all our fabrics herself and decides on each smocking and embroidery pattern. Her ideas are then brought to life by our passionate team of experts. Small in number but highly dedicated, our team is constantly striving to improve so as to offer the best to your children.

Handmade smocks

Traditional smocking

For more than three decades, the secrets of smocks, which is the art of embroidering  geometrical or figurative shapes on top of tightly pleated panels of fabric have been passed down from one generation to another within our own atelier. It is in the home country of our brand’s founder, Monique, that this craftsmanship is kept alive.

Pioneers in marrying nouveau French style with the precious smocking art of Madagascar, we are committed to the safe-keeping of this heritage

Before smocking, our fabrics are manually gathered using a traditional pleater. Through meticulous gestures, we obtain consistency and equal distance between the pleats. Manual smocks pleater - Craftsmanship

For striped and checked fabrics, we pleat the fabric entirely by hand so as to put forward one colour. The same goes for velvets. The inside must look as neat as the outside.

Handmade smocking

Of all colours, sizes and shapes, smocks offer an infinity of possibilities. Vast playing field, they are renewed every season and enhance our creativity. All are entirely handmade providing a polished and high quality look to our dresses.

Handmade smocks

Handmade Embroideries

Smocking goes hand in hand with embroideries. In our atelier, all are made using traditional hoops. The result is called “peinture à l’aiguille” meaning needle painting. This guarantees precision and sophistication.


Traditional embroidery with hoop

Couture craftsmanship

We believe that there is no age to enjoy well-made, high quality garments. Children deserve the best too! Time-honored know-hows of dressmaking are practiced up to the very last detail.

Our hems are stitched by hand to obtain a completely invisible seam.

Each button is covered with fabric matching the colors of the smocks and sash. This color harmony gives a beautiful finished look to our dresses making them as pretty in the front as in the back.

All our dresses also come with what is called in French two “boutons de courtoisie”, meaning two spare changing buttons. These are discreetly sewn within the side seam of the dress.

Some of our dresses also have an additional button at the collar level closed with a loop ensuring a perfect fit.

Fabric is also essential aspect of our designs. Very concerned about children’s well being and comfort, we select them with great care. Fabrics must be beautiful to the eye and soft to the skin. All our fabrics are chosen by the designer herself and then tested by the atelier. We mainly use cotton and for party dresses like to add a little fantasy by using silk, organza or tulle. 

Each smocked and embroidered dress also has a handmade lining in cotton enabling more comfort and adding volume to the skirt. Thanks to this sophisticated detail, our dresses have a perfect structure but most of all twirl making little girls feel like princesses!
Details - handmade dress
Twirling dress


Our Netti dresses even have an additional tulle underlayer sewn upon the lining creating a wide and airy skirt.

Tulle underlayer - couture craftsmanship


 Our signatures

 All our designs are born in our atelier. We are constantly creating new smocks and dress shapes. However several signature symbols make our dresses stand out!

Our Amandine sleeves are a treasured Charlotte sy Dimby feature. The three elegant rose bud embroideries add a chic and romantic style. Subtle and discreet, the colors are in perfect harmony with those of the smocks.

Handmade smocked dress couture details

Last but not least all our dresses have a very special sash with a unique butterfly wing shape. With lining in the same color as the self covered buttons, the sash brings a high end detail to our dresses, it has become one of the brand’s signature.

Discover how to tie our bow.

Dress with a bow 

A heart and soul

Beyond creating pretty dresses, we have at heart to share love and joy through our designs. Our dresses are a way to celebrate childhood in all its tenderness and innocence.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our dresses worn with a smile; taking part in your special moments delights us.

We like to think of Charlotte sy Dimby as a family, a community held together by our belief in the magic of childhood.

We love to interact with families, support mothers and share our ideas. Follow us on Instagram and read our journal to get inspired and take part in our world.

Mother and daughter Charlotte sy Dimby

May our dresses bring you much joy! Wear with love!



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    Les robes peuvent être achetés directement sur notre e-shop www.charlottesydimby.fr ou dans notre boutique de mode enfantine L’Île aux Fées 66 rue Notre Dame des Champs Paris 75006.

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    Comment et ou peut on acheter ces robes ????

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