What makes our smocked dresses so special?

Passionate about our work, we pay attention to each and every single step of creation, from the design to the very last stitch. As Leonardo da Vinci said Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail.

It is in the details that our dresses stand out by their quality and style.

Details - handmade dress

  • Handmade

  • Designed, cut and sewn within our own atelier, each dress is handmade with care.
    Our dresses are the result of a passionate expertise and the work of skilled hands. Our small and dedicated team is constantly striving to improve so as to offer the best to your children.
    Handmade smocked dress


    • Limited editions
    Made by hand, we produce very little editions with one or two dresses per size for each model. When we fall in love with a fabric, we sometimes make unique pieces.
    This enables little girls to have their almost unique dress and to feel very special.
    Sold exclusively in our unique Parisian boutique and through our online e-shop, you can be sure that your little one will not be dressed like all her friends!
    Handmade smocked dress - Limited editions
  • High quality fabric

    Very concerned about children’s well being and comfort, we select our fabric with great care.

    Fabrics must be beautiful to the eye and soft to the skin.

    All our fabrics are chosen by the designer herself and then tested by the atelier.

    We mainly use cotton and for party dresses like to add a little fantasy by using silk, organza or tulle.


    Liberty fabric


  • Couture finishings

  • We believe that there is no age to enjoy well-made, high quality garments. Children deserve the best too! Until the very last stitch our dresses are made with traditional couture techniques passed down from generation to generation

    Our hems are therefore stitched by hand to obtain a completely  invisible seam, as clean from the inside as from the outside.

    Handmade smocked dress

  • Traditional smocks and embroideries

    Today smocks and embroideries can easily be made using machines. However the result is completely different. Nothing equals traditional handmade craftsmanship.

    We pleat the fabric manually and one by one for the gingham, striped and tartan fabric so as to put forward one color or another before the smocking.

    As for our embroideries, they are made using traditional hoops. The result is called “peinture à l’aiguille” meaning needle painting. This guarantees precision and sophistication.


    Handmade embroidered dress
  • Specific buttons

  • Each button is covered with fabric matching the colors of the smocks and sash. This color harmony gives a beautiful finished look to our dresses making them as pretty in the front as in the back.

    All our dresses also come with what is called in French two “ boutons de courtoisie”, meaning two spare changing buttons. These are discreetly sewn within the side seam of the dress.

    Some of our dresses also have an additional button at the collar level closed with a loop ensuring a perfect fit.

  • Delicate underlayer

  • Each smocked and embroidered dress has a handmade lining in coton enabling more comfort but also adding volume to the gown. Thanks to this sophisticated detail, our dresses have a perfect structure but most of all twirl making little girls feel like princesses!

    Our Netti dress have additional tulle underlayer sewn upon the lining creating a wide and airy skirt.

    Tulle lining - handmade smocked dress

  • Butterfly bow

  • Our dress have a very special butterfly sash with a unique shape. With lining in the same color as the self covered buttons, the sash is tied in the back creating a butterfly wing shaped bow.Bringing a high end detail to our dresses, it has become one of the brand’s signature.

  • Embroidered sleeves

  • Our Amandine smocked dresses have a very chic detail upon the puffed sleeves : three elegant rose bud embroideries. Subtle and discreet, the colors are in perfect harmony with those of the smocks.


    • More than a dress
     Behind each dress lies an expertise but most of all a human heart and soul. Through the work of smocks, Madagascan women, trained within our atelier, acquire a real expertise enabling to them to earn a decent living.


    May our dresses bring you much joy! Wear with love!

    Dress - handmade

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