Charlotte sy Dimby - L'Île aux Fées - handmade smocked dresses

Why Charlotte sy Dimby and L’Île aux Fées ?

You may be wondering why our handmade garments and smocked dresses have a Charlotte sy Dimby label… Is it the designer’s name? What does Dimby mean? And what is the link with L’Île aux Fées?

Here are all the answers to your questions:

At the very beginning, our brand was called L’Île aux Fées. This is still the name of our unique children’s wear Parisian boutique.

L’Île aux Fées means "fairy island " in French.

Fée meaning fairy because of the French saying "elle a des doigts de fée" which is used to describe someone who is extremely skilled with their hands. Indeed our team of expert embroiderers have a real talent. With their “doigts de fées “ they give life to gorgeous fairytale gowns for little girls.

And Île meaning island, because of Madagascar, home of our designer, where our atelier is located.

Madagascar island - atelier of L’Île aux Fées

Slightly hard to pronounce for non-French speakers we decided to keep this poetic name for our boutique and to find another name for our international e-shop. This is when Charlotte sy Dimby was born.

Each and every word has a strong symbolism and history.

Charlotte : A typical French name, quite classic yet slightly mischievous !
Furthermore, Monique, our head designer, has had the honour of dressing two princesses named Charlotte.

First whilst working for Bonpoint, one of the most elegant French children’s brand, she designed a special smocked dress with little boats for the Princess of Monaco, who was at that time 2 years old. The picture was published in the magazine Point de Vue and had a huge success!
The atelier also had the great honour of  making a smocked dress selected and worn by Princess Charlotte of England during her trip to Canada in September 2016.

Princess Charlotte wearing a smocked dress made in the Charlotte sy Dimby atelier
Sy : Sy means "and" in Madagascan, it is therefore a symbol of union. Indeed we love to share our passion and to create links between generations and cultures.

Dimby : Dimby is part of our designer, Monique’s last name "Ramahay – Mandimby ". It is also a Madagascan boy’s name and it means "he who has the wisdom to come after". Linked to the notions of heritage and transmission this term perfectly matches with our values.

Creating high quality garments for both little girls and boys all around the world we decided to use both a masculine and a feminine name.

Uniting an elegant timeless French style with a Madagascan expert know how we deliberately chose to put forward our double nationality !

Handmade smocked dresses for little girls all around the world - a precious heritage

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