Discussing French home decor with Charlotte

Living in a newly renovated farmhouse in the heart of Burgundy, in the east of France, Charlotte is passionate about everything handmade. She loves gardening, cooking, sewing, embroidery and most of all finding antique treasures at the flea market to give them a second life.

Talking about French decor and flea market with Charlotte

Fascinated by her creativity and sense of decor, we asked her if she could give us a sneak peek of her home! She generously opened up her doors thus giving us the pleasure of discovering her universe and family! Charlotte is married and has two children : a little girl named Jeanne, a young boy named Ernest and let us not forget the dog, called Paddy!

Talking about French decor and flea market with Charlotte

What guides your home decor choices?

Whilst renovating the farmhouse we now live in, my priority was to keep the countryside family feel of the place. I usually follow my instinct and emotions. It often starts with a piece of furniture or a wallpaper I fall in love with. I then work from there to design the whole room.

My palette of colors remains the same throughout the whole house. I am mainly into soft and tender beige, white and pastel pinks. However I like to play around with fabrics and materials. They add character to a room. For example I like to mix a velvet sofa with a mohair blanket and floral print wallpaper! I have a real passion for wallpapers!
Talking about French decor and flea market with Charlotte

Can you tell us more about another passion of yours : flea markets?

I love hunting for exquisite objects of all sorts be it ancient oak tree furniture, delicate home linen or antique couture boxes! With bridesmaids crowns, they are my favorite pieces to collect.
I started attending flea markets with mother very young! It always felt like going on a treasure hunt and still does today!
Talking about French decor and flea market with Charlotte - antique boxes
It has now become a family tradition, we visit flea markets every weekend. When we want to enjoy a walk and chill out, we go all together with my husband and the children. But when I am looking for something very specific, I prefer to go alone as early as possible so as to be completely concentrated on my mission!
I believe each and every object has it story and I love giving them a second life once they enter our home. I cherish each piece and can admire them for hours of end. They are timeless and I never get bored of them. My wish is to pass them down to my children when they grow up.
Talking about French decor and flea market with Charlotte

Could you present two of your favorite spots within your home?

The first one is the bedroom of my three and a half years old daughter Jeanne. I wanted to create a really girly room and a very childish universe. I went for a touch of soft pink tones, a very princess like bed with a lace curtain, a delicate closet found at the flea market and of course a floral print wallpaper which reminds me of the environment surrounding us! It is the highlight of this bedroom.
Talking about French decor with Charlotte - nursery decor inspiration
Talking about French nursery decor with Charlotte
The second one would be our living-kitchen room where we spend most of our time. On the table we cook, draw, create, renovate and much more... And I simply adore this china cabinet, found on a flea market too which I have completely repainted myself to match our kitchen colors.
Talking about French home decor with Charlotte
Talking about French decor and flea market with Charlotte

Which instagram accounts inspire you at the moment?

There are so many of them! For DIY couture, I am fond of @our.vie.en.rose and @precious_family.
For home decor I recently fell in love with @maison_galop_marin. The owners have totally renovated a guest house in the Baie du Mont Saint Michel! I am very impressed!

What advice would you give to mothers to want to take up new manual activities or are new to flea markets?

Just take the leap! With a mere pot of paint and a few brushes, one can work wonders on an old piece of furniture! Giving a second life to objects is very trendy at the moment and goes hand in hand with eco-conscious consumption. The same goes with DIY activities, there are so many videos and tutorials on the subject! Just give it a try and I can assure you, you will not regret it!

My dream which I hope to make come true one day would be to host my own DIY session within my home, perhaps around Christmas to make pretty decorations all together!

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