Families' Christmas traditions : Giving thanks for the lights

Counselor and mother to a darling daughter named Lily, Whitney Caves is constantly supporting families and suggesting new child friendly ideas through her blog and Instagram account. We are delighted to share her thoughts and one of her inspiring holiday ideas : Thank you notes for the best decorated homes of the neighborhood, a fun activity to foster gratitude.

FAMILIES' CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS - Inspiring ideas for the festive season - mothers share

 Whitney, her husband Will, and Lily in our red tartan smocked dress

I’ve learned that holiday traditions are best for my family when kept simple. One night in December, my husband Will, Lily, and I will put on our special holiday pjs and get into the car. We’ll pick up a couple of our best friends, get coffee and treats, and track down a copy of our small town’s newspaper so we can see which houses have made the Chamber of Commerce’s list of best decorated homes. We’ll map out a route, turn on holiday music, and check out the lights.

This year we’re going to use some of Lily’s personalized holiday stationary from Fernandina Paper Co. to drop off notes at our favorite houses, thanking the owners for going to the effort to spread holiday cheer in a time when it is so needed. We’ll have the best time just laughing and being together. It’s something we look forward to every year!

Custom made stationary
Fernandina Paper Co stationary - Custom made with our names on it
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