Meeting Aly, mother from London - UK

 London based mother to now three children, two toddlers and a ten days newborn, Aly leaves us breathless by her never ending energy and dynamism.

Founder of the blog Allmumstalk, she shares her daily adventures and efforts towards a more eco-friendly family lifestyle with great honesty. We appreciate her sense of humour, her no-fuss attitude and ability to always greet life with a smile, whatever the circumstances.


Mothers sharing about the lockdown - Aly based in London UK

Between a bath splashing session with her two mischievous toddlers, Amelie and Lucas, and an article on sustainability, a cause which she strongly advocates, Aly took time to answer our questions.


What has the lockdown taught you?

The art of slow living!

We have busy lifestyles, demanding careers, especially when living in big cities so we forget to slow down and take it all in...

This lockdown has created sadness and uncertainty, but it has also brought communities together. It has forced us to stop and take a moment to enjoy the little things we’ve been blessed with all along...


Mothers sharing on the lock down : Aly pregnant mother based in London UK


What are you most grateful for?

My children and my family’s health.
Mothers sharing about the lockdown - Aly based in London UK

What is the favorite activity/craft you have shared with your children since the beginning of the lockdown?

Planting seeds and lots of painting in the garden.

Can you share a favorite recipe from your country?

This is a hard one as we are a family of foodies!
We love home made pasta & pizza (got a nice pizza oven in the garden which is working hard)... And a really good curry! So more of an international taste I would say.
But we are getting better and better at British dish - sheperd's pies!
Mothers sharing about the lockdown - Aly based in London UK - Cooking with kids

Which Instagram accounts inspire you the most at the moment? 

 @allthatisshe : A fun digital creator Instagram account.
@sienna.and.i : A magical creative photographer account of a mother and daughter.
And I love love love @thefahionbugblog : Beautiful London based mother's account!
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