In our innovation driven societies, novelty and constant change seem to be the norm in most fields. Yet, in spite of this strive for modernity, heritage still matters and in particular during childhood. Watching our little ones grow often makes us look back on our own childhood and want to revive traditions.

Dressing one’s baby in a classic chic style is often much more than a fashion statement, it is a state of mind and part of a full lifestyle.

handmade classic chic smocked dress Charlotte sy Dimby baby girl frenchstyle
Léonore is wearing a handmade Preppy smocked dress with flower smocks and sleeve embroideries

Selecting proper children’s garments and not mini adult clothes is a way of highlighting their sweet natural features instead of dressing them up to look like grown-ups. It preserves the innocence of childhood and celebrates its beauty. It allows us parents and our darlings to make the most of these precious moments which fly away so fast, to enjoy the magic of these tender years before entering the adult world. Worn by generations and generations of children, decade after decade, classic chic baby clothes do not freeze time but will help us to make the most of this short-lived period. The choice of adorable rompers, sweet dresses and classic outfits are daily reminders inviting us to make the most of each and every moment with our little ones, to fully embrace their candid world.

handmade baby rompers bubble classic chic charlotte sy dimby

Olivier is wearing a handmade striped rompers, a timeless classic

Classic clothing also enables the creation of link between generations. Dressing your little one with a heirloom family dress passed down from mother to daughter gives garments a very special meaning. Merely dressing your child with a dress that looks “ just like the one mummy wore when she was a girl” is also a way to strengthen your ties and create greater complicity. It will revive happy memories to share with your loved ones: our first twirling dress which made us feel like a princess, our favorite pink dress which we loved to wear for parties….  


handmade pink Netti smocked dress with ruffles little girl classic chic

This little princess is wearing a handmade pink Netti smocked dress with ruffles, a child's dream!


Furthermore, dressing our children can contribute to the transmission of a certain heritage and values. Through well cut classic garments we give our young ones  an early sense of good taste which will serve as a strong basis on which to develop later on their personal style. There is no age to enjoy beautiful clothes and develop one’s sense of elegance. For as Yves Saint Laurent so rightly said “Fashion fades but style is eternal”. Our little ones will learn to appreciate high quality noble fabrics and refined finishing details.
Classic chic does not mean old-fashioned. On the contrary, it means flawless timeless pieces with which one can never go wrong whatever the current fashion trends. And from time to time why not add a little fantasy? An unexpected print or slightly brighter accessory can add a nice finishing touch to a classic outfit.


Elise is wearing a beautiful Caicos red Jardin dress with Orme smocks, a beautiful colour for warm summer days


At Charlotte sy Dimby, we are utterly convinced in the importance of classic chic clothing. We believe it is an essential part of the magic of the childhood which we try to celebrate through all of our garments. By maintaining the precious tradition of handmade smocked dresses, our wish is to allow each and every little girl to dress with joy and elegance.

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    I agree with what you said that it feels good to see your child dressed it clothing that you once wore because it creates a link between generations. That is why I swore to myself that I would uphold our family tradition and let my child wear classic clothing. Once I become a mother, I would definitely shop in children’s fine clothing boutiques so my child can keep their classic clothes and pass them on to their own children. Great article! https://www.shopthewhitecottage.com/

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