Matching accessories - Bow suggestions

To allow your child to be perfectly dressed from head to toe, we would like to share our favorite hair bow brands! Part of the magic of childhood, these delicate accessories are the ideal finishing touch to a chic smocked dress and will make your little one feel like a princess.

Charlotte sy Dimby handmade smocked dresses and bow


Three brands below have truly caught our hearts:

Peketita Bows and Flowers for its wide range of options

Eva's House hair accessories for its high-end European style

Hibiscus Linen for its custom-made embroidered bows

Their designers are kind and passionate souls who will be more than happy to make your dreams come true. In close partnership with each one, you can contact them on our behalf. 

 handmade smocked dress Charlotte sy Dimby - bow by Eva's house


The name of the brand itself is exquisite and immediately has us travelling to soft and dreamy worlds. Its designer, Marisela Mena, based in Florida is just as sweet. Handcrafting each and every bow, we appreciate her wide range of choice.

Peketita bows and flowers hair accessories for babies and girls

The numerous fabric options, velvet, gauze, linen, cotton to silk, organza and lace trim offers a large choice adapted to all types of circumstances! A classic cotton bow for school, a velvet one to add a royal like feel to a party dress, etc….

peketita bows and flowers - hair accessory

We also like the possibility of selecting the size of the accessories. This allows a perfect fit for all ages, babies, toddlers and older girls. 

The options of nylon nude bands or alligator clip to attach the bows is another asset of the brand. Peketita bows and flowers bows adapt to all kinds of hair, whether long, short, curly or straight!

peketita handmade bows hair accessories

For a French look we would tend to recommend smaller size bows, for more of an American style we suggest larger bows.

Last but not least, the packaging is beautiful too!

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Shipping zones : USA - England - France - Spain

Shipping fees : Free shipping to the USA for orders over 35$ - 12 to 17$ for orders to Europe depending on the weight

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For a chic high-end European look, we definitely recommend contacting the darling Eva. Kindness and work well done would best define her universe!

Based in Switzerland, all her hair accessories are carefully assembled with thread to avoid the use of glue and staples and packed with the highest care.

Eva's house hair accessories

Frequently updating her colors and style to the mood of the moment, you will be sure to find the perfect accessory whatever the occasion.

We particularly like her crown headbands which will give a princess feel to any outfit!

Eva's house crown headbands - charlotte sy dimby hair accessories suggestions

We also like her use of gingham and seerscuker. Timeless classics, they revive happy childhood souvenirs. And of course her satin bows are a must have in every little girl’s wardrobe.

Eva's house satin bow - Charlotte sy Dimby bow suggestion

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Shipping  : Worldwide 

Shipping fees : 2.50CHF for Switzerland plus 0.20 CHF for additional product and 8.80 CHF plus 0.50CHF for additional product for the rest of the world.



For custom made bows, our preference goes without a doubt to Hibiscus Linens.

Hibiscus Linen custom made bows - Charlotte sy Dimby suggestions

Founded by Mariana Barran Goodall, named 2018 Best Southern Tastemaker by Southern Living and Winner of the 8th Annual Made in the South Awards, the brand is dedicated to preserving traditional textile and needlework techniques while bringing a fresh and modern aesthetic. 

Entirely handmade made, the  Hibiscus Linen team is able to create the bow of yours dreams to match any of our dresses and outfits. 

You will be able to pick not only the shape, colour and size but will also be able to add an embroidered monogram or sweet symbol. A beautiful accessory to make your child feel truly special and unique.

Hibiscus Linen custom made bows - Charlotte sy Dimby suggestion

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If you wish more styling advice, be it for shoes or colour harmony or tips on how to create a classic French style outfit we would be more than happy to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us by email at or on Instagram by DM. And of course if you are in Paris, please come directly to our boutique L’Île aux Fées 66 rue Notre Dame des Champs 75006.