Motherhood in Lyon with Alexandra

To continue our "Mothers share from and about France", we wanted to leave our beloved Paris a short while to take you to Lyon to meet Alexandra. With her husband and three children, 7 years old Anna , 5 1/2 years old Jeanne and little 18 months Côme, they make the most joyful and touching family.

Famille lyonnaise - partage de Mamans - La magie de l'enfance - Alexandra K

Could you please present yourself?

I am 39 years old and work as a communication consultant. Before Anna's birth, I was part of a marketing agency working for big brands but I am now freelance. This suits me much better as the rhythm is more flexible. It makes professional and family life easier to handle

You have a beautiful Instagram account. How did it all start?

Five years ago, during my maternity leave, I started taking interest in this social media. I made it my little bubble, a way to escape and dream upon inspiring pictures! A relaxing moment for myself. Lover of all things beautiful, I gradually wanted to share my own findings and a little of my universe too! I take great pleasure in creating a harmonious feed which helps me to keep cherished memories! Instagram has also allowed me to meet fascinating new people and widen my horizons.

Famille lyonnaise - partage de Mamans - La magie de l'enfance - Alexandra K - Déco chambre d'enfant

To you, what does family stand for?  

Family is absolutely key, it's a strong pillar of my life. We are almost a tribe! Not a week goes by without seeing my parents, grand-parents or brother. I follow up closely the communication of his French women's ready-to-wear brand called Maisonmorgankirch. It is a small family business which he runs with my mother. For the little story, our grand-father was a tailor and we grew up surrounded by gorgeous fabrics!

Mum awoke us to creative leisures and decoration from an early age. I have been careful to pass this down to my children. Anna and Jeanne both take painting lessons. My eldest has also decided to start learning how to sew to be like her uncle!

Morgan Kirchs maison française

As you will have guessed, we are close to one another and like to meet up as often as we can. Birthdays, Easter and Christmas are all opportunities to gather together and make precious souvenirs. We are very keen on celebrating traditions.

I enjoy nothing more than preparing these special moments. I take care of the decoration up to the very last detail and select our outfits for each event. Young and old, all appreciate it! And when I see the sparkles in their eyes, I feel like my mission has been accomplished!

Famille lyonnaise - partage de Mamans - La magie de l'enfance - Alexandra K

What do you consider as the most important in your children's education?

Good manners; be it saying hello, thank you or goodbye and of course respect for others whatever the circumstances. These two rules are absolutely essential to me. Authenticity and truth are also very important! My parents were very keen on the subject and I now understand why! It is something I fully integrate in my kids' education.

Famille lyonnaise - partage de Mamans - La magie de l'enfance - Alexandra K

How do you choose your children's clothing? What are your favourite brands?

I am fond of classic timeless pieces, garments with a chic style and refined detailing! I appreciate good quality fabrics and have such fun creating darling looks for my little ones. My favourite brands are mainly French : Jacadi, Tartine et Chocolat, Louis Louise, Petit bateau, Bonpoint, Risu Risu, Petite Lucette... It is hard to name them all as I also like to go off beaten tracks and hunt for exquisite pieces from young designers. And last but not least, I love dressing the whole family in matching outfits!

Famille lyonnaise - partage de Mamans - La magie de l'enfance - Alexandra K

Can you share your favourite spots in Lyon?

Born and raised in Lyon, I have never left the city and know it so well! Yet it will never cease to fascinate me, I am constantly in awe of its beauties! Where shall I start?
Famille lyonnaise - partage de Mamans - La magie de l'enfance - Alexandra K
With the children, our haven of peace or "green lung" as we call it, is the Parc de la Tête d’Or which people often compare to Central Park. Zoo and botanic garden, it is covered by flowers beds in this season! Magical!
We are also very lucky to have great museums. The transformation of l’Hôtel Dieu  into the cité de la gastronomie (gastronomy institute) is a great success. There are so many fun activities and shows for children. The girls who enjoy cooking love it! La Maison des Canuts, the silk museum is outstanding too, especially for those who like precious fabrics like me!
Cité de la gastronomie Lyon
The architecture of our city is quite unique, we have so many beautiful buildings! One does not know where to set eyes, we are spoilt for choice! There is of course the Basilica Notre Dame de Fourvière overlooking Lyon, the historical place Bellecour, the ancient town centre and its traboules (our special type of passageways) as well as our traditional restaurant called bouchons.
Famille lyonnaise - partage de Mamans - La magie de l'enfance - Alexandra K
Finally wandering along the quays is a great favourite! We are lucky to have two rivers crossing Lyon : le Rhône and la Saône
We are truly privileged and have a wonderful quality of life. The children love it! If you are in France, I strongly recommend visiting!
Famille lyonnaise - partage de Mamans - La magie de l'enfance - Alexandra K

Could you please share one or two Instagram accounts for those wishing to know more about Lyon?

Of course. I recommend @vivrelyon which is a lifestyle magazine about Lyon and its surroundings. Check out @onlyLyon too! The pictures will make you dream! 
cité de la gastronomie Lyon___________________
Follow Alexandra and her family on Instagram via @alexandrakirchs
Follow the brand @maisonmorgankirch
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