Following our “Mothers sharing hope and love from around the world”, we are happy to present our new “Mothers share from and about France”. This time we will be focusing on our beloved country, making you meet new mums, either living in France or passionate on the topic.

We will be discussing French culture, cooking, good manners, motherhood, home decor and much more!


Mothers share from and about France

Come with us on an insider tour of France!

The articles will become available one by one day after day. To read the article click on the link beneath each picture!

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Discussing French good manners with Claire

Founder of Aristokids, a children's etiquette consultancy, Claire is an expert on good manners. Also author and creative director of a book called "Les dix clefs des bonnes manières", (the ten good manner keys) we had the pleasure of discussing with her on the topic.
Discussing French good manners with Claire
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Discussing French culture with Ariane

Born in Canada, raised in France and married in the United States, Ariane is a tricultural mother. Giving a strong importance to French traditions and values in her children's education, we asked her to tell us more on the special place given to France within her family.

Discussing French culture with Ariane

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Discussing French baking with Marilyn

Constantly baking new cakes and pastries to the great delight of her children, Marilyn makes the best goûters. We asked her to share her secrets and to tell us more about this traditional French tea time.

Discussing French baking with Marilyn
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Discussing home decor with Charlotte

Living in a newly renovated farmhouse in the heart of Burgundy, in the east of France, Charlotte is passionate about everything handmade. She loves finding antique treasures at the flea market to give them a second life.

Home decor with Charlotte

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 Sharing on French lifestyle with May

Chic and feminine, witty and refined in her demeanour, May has an almost French essence! Here she shares her love of France with us and describes the way she brings “joie de vivre à la française” to her family and home.

Sharing with May on French lifestyle

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 An elegant tour of Paris with May

We have now asked May to show us Paris through her eyes! Come on an elegant day trip around the capital and discover her favorite spots! 

Paris with May

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Time to test your knowledge on France

Inviting you to take part in our quiz about Paris! How well do you know the city?
Paris quiz
French illustrations with Helène
Through her illustrations, Hélène, happy mother of three princesses and founder of Petit Berge perfectly depicts the magic of childhood the French way!
Helène Petit Berge illustrations
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Paris through the eyes of a child

To talk about France, we have this time, chosen a different angle. Exchanging with both daughter and mother, we have asked Teresa to show us Paris through the eyes of her four years old Adora.

Paris through the eyes of a child

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Motherhood in Lyon
Leaving our beloved Paris a short while, we are taking you to Lyon to meet Alexandra and her darling family.
French mums - Alexandra in Lyon
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Bringing France to your home with Darcy Miller 
To end our serie on a fun and playful note, we would like to present the party expert Darcy Miler
Darcy Miller Party expert - celebrate France
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