Paris through the eyes of a child

“There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million.” – Walt Streightiff.
To talk about France, we have this time, chosen a different angle. Exchanging with both daughter and mother, we have asked Teresa to show us Paris through the eyes of her four year old Adora. Let's embark on a kid-friendly tour of the capital!

Paris through the eyes of a child Eiffel Tower family picture

Before beginning, could you briefly present your family please?

Living in England, I am a Chinese-British mother blessed with two adorable princesses to love and bring up. Adora is constantly smiling and has a great taste for adventure. The newest addition to our family, five month old Arabella, takes after her sister and is absolutely full of joy.
Passionate about Paris, I am keen on sharing my love for the city with my daughters.
Paris through the eyes of a child Tuileries

When was your first time in Paris?

Adora : My first time in Paris was when I was one year old. It was for my birthday! I don't really remember it but Mama told me there were a lot of beautiful flowers and the sky was very blue! I went back last September too, it was such fun!
Teresa : Adora's first trip was four years ago but it feels as if it were yesterday. It was during Spring time which made the city even more romantic with flowers blooming everywhere. We had a delightful picnic, which has become a must each time we come.
Paris holds a very special place in our hearts. I spent my very first vacation here with my husband as a couple. We would come back as often as we could and we then celebrated our first wedding anniversary in the capital when Adora was conceived. Last time we came I was pregnant with my second daughter. It was our babymoon, a cherished moment with Adora before she became a big sister!
I’m pleased to say she now shares the same fondness. She has already made many beautiful memories here and we hope Arabella will too.
Paris through the eyes of a child Colonne de Buren

What did you most enjoy in Paris?

Adora : I loved exploring the city, crossing big bridges, running into tiny hidden streets, discovering fun gardens, playgrounds and carousels! Hearing music in the air and so much more... Mama would point out all the beautiful balconies, something we don’t get to see back in England. Or we would look down from our hotel windows and watch the Parisian life go by. It was just like in my favorite movie "Ratatouille" (Disney movie based in Paris about a rat wanting to become a chef)! And I loved the tall Eiffel Tower and Louvre pyramid!

Teresa : We enjoyed walking and wandering in endless little dreamy streets. Everywhere we turned, we were sure to see magnificent and iconic buildings. It's wonderful to rediscover our favourite spots through the admiring eyes of a child!

 Paris through the eyes of a child beret

What activities did you like the best and would you recommend for children?

Adora : My three favourites were the merry-go-round, the palace of Versailles and of course, Disneyland! I loved being a real princess and dining with the Disney characters! I got to see all the princesses and even Cinderella’s little mice! 

Teresa : When talking about Parisian carousels, which are called manèges, everyone has in mind the one in the Tuileries. But last time, just after our visit to the musée Jacquemart André, a private-mansion like art museum with one of the best brunches, we discovered a new one. Quite unexpectedly, we found the most delightful carousel in the whimsical parc Monceau near the picturesque pond! It is so dreamy! I strongly recommend visiting!

Paris through the eyes of a child Carousel Parc Monceau

Our trip by train to the Château de Versailles for a day of adventure was another highlight from our last stay. Riding the fun buggies around the gardens and having a picnic among the statues and sculptures was a great way to soak up French history and make Adora appreciate the beauty of the place! When the girls are older, we will certainly like to take them rowing on the beautiful Grand Canal, and explore inside the majestic Château.

As for Disneyland, it made the sweetest childhood memories ever! Adora's eyes light up every time she talks about it! It was wonderful to take our time and to stay in the great, pink dreamy hotel. I recommend it as there is so much to do. Staying more than a day is definitely worth it!

Paris through the eyes of a child Disneyland princess

We would wake up early in the morning with eager anticipation and go to the park before the arrival of the crowds. When we were tired, we would head back to have an afternoon nap, and go out again for the fireworks at night. 
The highlight was being transformed into an elegant princess at the Beauty salon located in the Disneyland hotel. As it is available for ages 3 upwards, Adora had long wished for the experience! A dream come true! She got to choose a special hairstyle and then makeup, put on her princess costume and accessories. The lady waved a wand saying magical words, sprinkling pixie dust making it seem truly magical. Adora proudly received a certificate and had her photo taken! 

Disneyland Paris princess

What food did you like the best?

Adora : Let me think... I cannot decide because there are lots of tasty food! 
Oh well, macarons is of course always a favourite treat. There are so many delicious flavours and colours to pick from. With one bite the centre is always full of yumminess! 
Oh and crêpes for breakfast. Definitely crêpes for breakfast in Paris! 
But perhaps the best was my brunch date with Mama at Angelina and drinking the unforgettable hot chocolate topped with cream and sharing a scrumptious Mont Blanc too!


Paris through the eyes of a child Angelina tea

Teresa : Nothing sweeter than the look on Adora's face as I let her pick beautiful cakes from Ladurée! It’s really hard to just pick one best food as we are spoilt for choice in Paris!

Paris through the eyes of a child French breakfast 

Did you bring back special souvenirs from Paris?

Adora : Mama likes to visit Repetto and last time we bought a new pair of ballet slippers for my lessons just like in another one of my favourite films “Ballerina”(movie about a child dreaming to become a dancer based in Paris).



Repetto boutique Paris
We also visited Nina to bring back souvenirs. I loved to taste the pink apple cake from there and sample the sweet treats. 
Nina must visit in Paris
Mama and Papa also gifted me very special toys from lovely boutiques hidden under arcades! It felt a bit like a treasure hunt!
Toys stores in Paris
Teresa : Repetto is a must for all ballet lovers. With its chandeliers and gorgeous opera like window displays, the boutique itself is a pure dream!

Nina's Marie-Antoinette is the most romantic French tea house with such precious gourmet products. The tea is wonderfully fragrant consisting of apples and rose petals sourced from the King’s Kitchen Garden in Versailles! Accompanied with the pink rose, caramelised apple cake is divine, and a taste not be forgotten! 

And for toys our two favorites are Si tu veux Jouer which is located under the arcades Galerie Vivienne and Pain d'Épice. Both have very cute traditional wooden toys, dolls, puzzles, books, and fun games. 

Paris through the eyes of a child Would you like to go back to Paris? Would you like to add a final word?

Adora : Oui Oui oui and bonjour to everyone!!!! We cannot wait to be back!
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