Celebrating with Caitlin, mother from San Francisco

Mother to Beau (age 6), Grace (age 4) and Henry (age 2), Caitlin and her family caught our heart. Raising her little people with great love in a beautiful home just outside San Francisco, she allows much space for little and big delights, smiles and laughter, innocence and tender dreams. Childhood in all its beauty is perfectly reflected through her three young ones.

At a loss for words to describe the magic of it all, we asked Caitlin to share about it herself. Her loving soul can felt through her answers.

Celebrating childhood with Caitlin - Charlotte sy Dimby

How do you make your daily life a party? 

One of my favorite things about having young children is how they get so excited to celebrate even the smallest moments! I love celebrating the everyday in our home with fresh flowers every week and special treats.

Celebrating childhood with Caitlin, mother from San Francisco - Charlotte sy Dimby

Can you share on how you celebrate childhood and special milestones?

I truly love to celebrate childhood by dressing my children, like children! In beautiful timeless pieces like your dresses.

Blue and white striped twirling smocked dress Charlotte sy Dimby

I also keep a little Smythson "baby notes" journal where I love to jot down tiny notes to remember about each child. I never got around to doing a full baby book, but love keeping this by my bed and writing down a sweet moment from the day.

Celebrating childhood with Caitlin, mother from San Francisco - Charlotte sy Dimby - Baby note book

We also keep a growth chart on the inside of a cabinet in our kitchen and mark off the children as they have grown. I know I will love to go back some day and look at how they have grown! 

Lastly on my children's birthdays I love to create a special breakfast moment with sprinkle toast (or princess toast as my daughter calls it!) or rainbow sprinkle pancakes. I adore surprising them with balloons and a decorated table, it makes them feel so loved and special. With children it truly is the little things.

Celebrating the magic of childhood with Caitlin, mother from San Francisco

Can you share about one of the last parties you organised?

Prior to the pandemic, the last true birthday party I organized was for my daughter Grace's 4th birthday. She wanted a rainbow princess party which was such a delight to plan.

We set up a tea party in the garden with her little friends and the girls all decorated wands and crowns. The decor consisted of lots of pink and oversized balloons, which I adore! We had the princess, Cinderella come to entertain the girls and it was darling.

My mother always gave me wonderful advice about planning children's birthday parties and that the age they are turning is the number of other friends you should invite. Having only 4 other little girls there made it more special and manageable! Sometimes with young children too many children can get overwhelming for the birthday boy or girl (her mother too!).

Celebrating childhood with Caitlin, mother from San Francisco - Charlotte sy Dimby - party table

Can you share your favorite cake recipe?

Our favorite cake is the funfetti cake, essentially classic yellow cake with rainbow sprinkles mixed into the batter and covered with vanilla frosting and LOTS of rainbow sprinkles on top.

Funfetti cake recipe

Cooking with children - Caitlin from San Francisco and her family  - Charlotte sy Dimby

Can you share one or several Instagram accounts that inspire you when it comes to parties?

@mrsalice, contributor to Vogue and mother of three children and @bornonfith who took part in the Mothers share article too (Read Emily Hertz' article).

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