Celebrating with Meg Mason, mother from Lincoln

Meg Mason and her husband Brent are the happy parents of a 1-year-old Camila Anne ("Millie"). After being a Spanish teacher for 10 years, Meg Mason now has the wonderful opportunity to stay at home and raise her daughter while managing an online clothing boutique which she opened with her mother and sister-in-law 2.5 years ago. 

Nothing brings her more happiness than spending quality time with her family and friends. We were therefore eager to learn more about how she enjoys life's simple moments.

Meg Mason, mothers share - Celebrating the magic of childhood

How do you add joy and beauty to your daily life? 

I wake up 1-2 hours before Millie and enjoy a quiet, slow morning, which is basically a party for myself

For our family, breakfast and lunch are both eaten at the kitchen island but for dinner we like to make it more special by sitting around the dining room table. I love to have fresh flowers at the table, which my husband knows and often surprises me with. We also use our fancy plates for dinner as I’ve come to realize there's no point in saving them solely for special occasions. Much better to use it to celebrate everyday life! 

Meg Mason, mothers share - Celebrating the magic of childhood - flowers at the table

We have been practicing strict social distancing guidelines due to COVID-19, but I am determined not to let this interfere with life's celebrations, quite the opposite! Instead, we have found new ways to party on a daily basis! Every single day since March we have gone on neighborhood walks with my mom, grandma, and mother-in-law (as long as the weather allows). We are truly blessed to live so close to our family! 

Meg Mason, mothers share - Celebrating the magic of childhood

How do you celebrate childhood?

Celebrating Millie's childhood and special milestones has been very important to me since Day 1

We love making every holiday special for Millie, even the small ones such as St. Patrick's Day. We baked green pancakes for her on that day! In addition to meals, I purchased a book to go along with every holiday to build up her collection.

Meg Mason, mothers share - Celebrating the magic of childhood

In an attempt to document and not miss any special moments of Millie's childhood we try to schedule professional family pictures twice a year, around Christmas and her birthday. I also turn all of the pictures and videos that I collect on my phone into photo albums to display in our house and make a video with music at the end of the year. 

Meg Mason, mothers share - Celebrating the magic of childhood

On a daily level, I love celebrating Camila's childhood by wearing matching outfits. I know there will come a day when she no longer wants to match her mama, so I'm enjoying these days while they last!

Can you share about Camila’s first birthday party?

Camila's 1st birthday was the most special milestone that we have celebrated thus far. We made sure to do the typical birthday celebrations such as a beautiful outfit for Millie, waking her up with balloons and singing, and serving her favorite foods all day. 

We also purchased a growth chart to record her height. I know she will enjoy standing in front of this chart on her birthday for years to come! 

In addition, I wanted to start a very special tradition for Camila. Each year on her birthday I am writing Camila a handwritten letter. I purchased this beautiful box to store the letters and other important keepsakes in and plan on gifting them all to her on her 18th birthday.

Meg Mason, mothers share - Celebrating the magic of childhood - Keepsake treasure box

In my story highlight "Baby Tips" on Instagram, I have made a small video showing the box and what is inside so far. 

For the party itself, we went with the theme of lemons and gingham with a color scheme of pink, mint green and yellow. We integrated the theme into everything we could think of : a cake topper, a high chair "one" banner, a special monogrammed bib, birthday signage, lemon plates, right up to the cookies too! 

Child's birthday party inspiration

Due to COVID-19 it was a drive-by celebration, so we served homemade lemonade and cookies for family and friends that stopped by. As party favors, we gifted the other children bags that included sidewalk chalk, a lemon hair tie, lemonade themed washable body art and cookies. 

I linked all of these birthday items and more in my blog post about Camila Anne turning one!

Meg Mason, mothers share - Celebrating the magic of childhood - Lemon and gingham birthday party

Can you share your favorite cake recipe?

Although I love all sweets, I am partial to cookies! All of my friends can tell you that anytime they come over to visit I always have homemade cookie dough stored in the freezer ready to pop in the oven! 

Therefore, I'd love to share my favorite cookie recipe. These oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are always a hit. In my opinion the key is to find a high quality chocolate bar and chop it into pieces instead of using your typical chocolate chips.

Chocolate chip oatmeal cookie recipe

Chocolate chic oatmeal cookie recipe

Can you share one or several Instagram accounts that inspire you when it comes to parties?

Emily Hertz, Born on Fifth: I have gained so much inspiration from everything Emily does from table settings to outfit choices. Read Emily's article.

Julia Berolzheimer: Julia is another very large influence. Everything in her home and her life is styled to perfection.

Ashley Brooke: Ashley's ability to throw together simple outdoor get togethers and celebrations is very inspiring.

Grace Hamlin: Grace is absolutely wonderful at celebrating life's small moments with her children. She is always throwing fun parties and meals for them.

Sarah Tucker: Sarah shares so many wonderful hosting tips and has a beautifully curated Instagram feed.

Can you tell us a little more on your online boutique?

Our online boutique, Meg & Marie, started off featuring classic women's clothing and we have since branched off to also include children's clothing and most recently non-toxic home products, such as candles!

Meg Mason, mothers share - Non toxic Fall pumpkin candles

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